Simple, Straight
Forward Fees

To uphold the integrity of the Charter, we conduct a review of all potential signatories. In collaboration with you, we then develop a Green Claims Policy that accurately reflects your organisation’s marketing approach. Additionally, throughout your licensee period, we perform checks to ensure that your marketing activities are consistent with the practices and procedures detailed in your policy.

Assessment Fee

Your initial assessment fee and 12-month licence fee is your contribution to keeping the Charter as an independent, unbiased, credible entity that adds value to your organisation.

We undertake the initial assessment, which involves an analysis of your current marketing practice, to ensure that your organisation satisfies the criteria for becoming a certified signatory.

License Fee

As a certified signatory, you will be able to purchase an initial 12-month license fee that enables us to co-create your Green Claims Policy and then independently verify the proper implementation of your Policy, by conducting reviews of your practices and procedures.

The fee is determined by your organisation’s annual revenue, so that there are no barriers to participation.

*Your 12-month license fee can be paid in monthly installments