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Sustainable Future.

Sign The Anti-Greenwash Charter to join a community of organisations standing against greenwashing by practicing responsible communications.

Join the Movement for Responsible Communications.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, stakeholders value authenticity and prioritise brands genuinely committed to sustainability.

Greenwashing – misrepresenting environmental credentials – not only erodes trust but also misleads stakeholders. This often stems from poor governance of practices rather than intentional deceit.

– Build Credibility and Trust

Proactive organisations are addressing this issue by ensuring transparency, accountability, fairness, and honesty when making green claims. One effective way to demonstrate this is by becoming a certified signatory of The Anti-Greenwash Charter.

– Enhance Brand Reputation

As a signatory, we will certify and promote that you are practising responsible communications, thereby enhancing your credibility, reassuring your stakeholders, and aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

– Access Expert Support

Additionally, you will gain access to expert support in developing your Green Claims Policy, ensuring best practices are followed and minimising the risks of greenwashing.

– Exceed Regulatory Expectations

Finally, signing the Charter allows you to be proactive and exceed regulatory expectations by formally adopting a transparent, responsible communications approach.

Signatories’ Thoughts.

“​Signing The Anti-Greenwash Charter changed how we think about making environmental claims. It’s all about implementing effective governance, which has reassured all stakeholders.”


Joining the Charter was easy, and the support we received made developing our Green Claims Policy smooth, enabling us to publicly state our commitment to responsible communications.


“The review process was simple and reaffirmed that we’re on the right track. It provided valuable insights and helped identify new ways of engaging responsibly with our members.”


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The Charter’s Standards.

Here are the standards each Charter signatory pledges to uphold, ensuring transparency, accountability, fairness, and honesty in communicating their environmental credentials.



You will commit to clear communication of what sustainability benefit your product or service offers and won’t conceal or omit information.



You will substantiate your sustainability claims with accurate, and regularly evaluated empirical evidence. You’ll commit to sharing facts, figures and statements that can be checked.



You will commit to using fair, clear and unambiguous language when providing comparisons with other products or organisations.



You will ensure you make specific statements about your organisation’s sustainability efforts and that your actions match those promises.

Certified Signatories.

Here are just some of the growing number of organisations that have signed the Charter and made a public commitment to practice responsible communications.

The Process.

The following details our simple, three-step process to become a certified signatory of The Anti-Greenwash Charter.

Sign the Charter

Sign the Charter and complete a questionnaire about your current practices. We will then conduct our own research before confirming your suitability to become a certified signatory.

Create a Policy

Following a successful review, we will help you to create your own Green Claims Policy. Upon publication, your certified signatory status will be confirmed.

Allow Reviews

Our periodic reviews of your campaigns will certify your ongoing compliance with the practices and procedures detailed in your Green Claims Policy.


Sign The Anti-
Greenwash Charter.

Take the first step towards becoming a certified signatory by completing the following questionnaire about your organisation.

If you suspect one of our signatories of greenwashing, please share your concern with us here and we will investigate promptly.

News & Opinions.

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