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Become a supporter of The Anti-Greenwash Charter and showcase your organisation’s commitment to authentic environmental advocacy, upholding the highest standards of marketing across all industries.

Why do we need your support?

In an era demanding genuine environmental progress, greenwashing undermines trust and diverts from true sustainability.

The Anti-Greenwash Charter is our collective commitment to authenticity, transparency, and meaningful environmental change.

We urgently invite new supporters to help us encourage organisations to communicate their environmental credentials honestly, fostering accountability and setting industry standards.

Your support will amplify our impact, driving a global movement towards credible environmental advocacy. To recognise your commitment, you will be given a free global license to use our Official Supporter logo (see below) across your marketing materials.

Stand with us against greenwashing and contribute to a future where environmental claims are both reliable and impactful.

Our Supporters.

The following organisations are proud supporters of the Charter.



Elevate Your Commitment​.

Becoming a supporter of the Charter positions your organisation as a leader in responsible environmental marketing. It’s a testament to your dedication to genuine sustainability.


Drive Industry Best Practices.

Join a network of forward-thinking organisations that are setting the standard for environmental responsibility. By promoting the Charter, you encourage your members, peers or clients to adopt more honest and sustainable practices, raising the bar for all industries.​


Amplify Your Impact.

Leverage the Charter’s resources, guidelines, and community to enhance your own sustainability initiatives. Gain insights from like-minded organisations and share your success stories to inspire others.​