Greenwashing – what’s true, what’s not, and does it matter?

Here at The Anti-Greenwash Charter, we’ve joined forces with Futurebuild to understand the impact greenwashing has on businesses in the built environment and what they’re doing to avoid its harmful effects. Download the survey report below to read how greenwashing impacts the industry reputationally, commercially, and how it stands in the way of achieving valid sustainability goals.

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Futurebuild is an event that brings together more than 17,000 building industry influencers and decision-makers with the power to make a difference and form part of a major transformation of the sustainable built environment.

By cultivating this type of cross-sector collaboration, Futurebuild is helping to inspire the innovation that is needed to propel the construction industry towards the UK government’s ambitious net-zero target. Such an outcome is essential to creating a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations to enjoy.