The Anti-Greenwash Charter: Strengthening B Corp Credentials for True Sustainability.

Date: June 2024
Read time: 5 mins
Author: Charlie Martin

The Anti-Greenwash Charter and B Corp certification both aim to guide companies towards real environmental and social impact. However, they approach this goal differently, making them a perfect pair in the fight against greenwashing and for true sustainability.

B Corp Certification: Broad and Holistic

B Corp certification, run by the non-profit B Lab, is a global mark of excellence for businesses that excel in social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Big names like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, and Eileen Fisher are proud B Corps, showing they balance profit with purpose. As B Lab puts it;

“B Corps are changing the world for the better by redefining success in business.”

B Corp looks at companies across five areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. This all-encompassing review ensures that certified businesses are genuinely contributing to a sustainable world. For instance, Patagonia’s commitment to using recycled materials and donating 1% of its sales to environmental causes sets a high standard for corporate responsibility.

The Anti-Greenwash Charter: Zeroing in on Truth

While B Corp certification covers a company’s overall impact, The Anti-Greenwash Charter focuses on the truthfulness and transparency of environmental claims. Our goal is to protect consumers from misleading greenwashing, which can damage trust and hinder real progress. Our mission is to ensure sustainability claims are accurate, verifiable, and meaningful, helping consumers make informed choices and driving genuine environmental progress.

We set strict criteria for what makes an environmental claim legitimate, focusing on transparency, accountability, and verifiability. Companies that follow our guidelines commit to clear, evidence-based communication about their environmental practices. This is crucial in a market where exaggerated or false claims can mislead well-meaning consumers and let companies profit from appearing sustainable without real action.

Complementary Forces: Broad Impact Meets Rigorous Honesty

B Corp and the Charter each have unique strengths. B Corp certification provides a strong framework for overall social and environmental performance, pushing companies to integrate sustainable practices throughout their operations. The Anti-Greenwash Charter, on the other hand, ensures that specific environmental claims are honest and clear, preventing companies from overstating their impact.

Chris Brookman, founder of Back to Earth and a Charter signatory, says;

“Transparency and accountability are the bedrock of real sustainability. The Anti-Greenwash Charter supports and promotes the credentials identified during B Corp certification, ensuring companies’ environmental claims are more than just marketing—they’re promises kept.”

Concluding Remarks

In the journey towards a sustainable future, The Anti-Greenwash Charter and B Corp certification play crucial roles. B Corp certification provides a thorough framework for assessing overall impact, while the Charter makes sure every environmental claim is substantiated and transparent. Together, they empower consumers to make informed decisions and push businesses to achieve real, meaningful progress. By embracing both standards, companies can demonstrate their broad commitment to sustainability and build deeper, lasting trust with their customers.

If you think The Anti-Greenwash Charter embodies the values of your organisation, find out more here.