Sentry Doors Spearheads Industry Change with Bold Anti-Greenwash Commitment.

Date: 2nd Feb 2024
Read time: 3 mins
Author: Charlie Martin

Sentry Doors, a renowned manufacturer in the fire and security door sector, has embarked on a significant journey towards environmental responsibility by becoming a fully recognised signatory of The Anti-Greenwash Charter.

This commitment marks a pivotal step in the company’s dedication to promoting clear and honest sustainability practices, establishing a new standard of transparency within the industry.

Recognising the Need for Clarity
Catherine Clarkson, Head of Marketing & Strategy at Sentry Doors, outlined the motivation behind the company’s decision.

“We noticed that sustainability messaging can often be vague or confusing”

She added, “As leaders in the fire and security door market, we’re already committed to high standards of compliance and testing. Every product we offer is backed by solid certification, and we believe our approach to sustainability should be equally transparent.”

A Step Towards Transparent Sustainability
The company approaches sustainability as a continuous path rather than a final destination. “Our journey in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is just beginning, and we’re committed to transparency throughout this process,” Clarkson emphasised.

The Anti-Greenwash Charter has not only highlighted the importance of sustainability but also provided Sentry Doors with a framework to ensure their marketing practices and claims are both clear and substantiated.

Impact on Operations and Communication
The company’s alignment with the Charter has significantly influenced its internal operations and the way it engages with customers.

“Following our collaboration with the Charter, we’ve integrated sustainability training into our employee development programmes,”

This initiative is a critical component of a broader strategy aimed at encouraging Sentry Doors’ staff to engage in genuine sustainability practices and to avoid making misleading claims. “We regularly discuss sustainability strategies at the executive level and have established working groups to drive our sustainability agenda,” Clarkson added.

Upholding Transparency in a Competitive Market
Clarkson also addressed the challenge of maintaining credible and transparent environmental claims in a highly competitive environment.

“Our marketing team adheres to strict guidelines to ensure all our environmental communications are factual. Our unwavering commitment to compliance means that we only make claims that can be fully supported by evidence,”

Inspiring the Industry Towards Genuine Sustainability
By working with The Anti-Greenwash Charter, Sentry Doors has not only underscored its own commitment to sustainability but is also seeking to inspire the wider fire and security door industry and its clientele to prioritise genuine sustainability efforts.

Clarkson encourages her peers to adopt a similar stance. “By uniting as an industry to address these important issues, we can make significant progress,” she concluded.

“The Charter provides a platform for collaboration and the tools necessary for ensuring true sustainability.”

Sentry Doors’ backing of the Charter transcends a simple pledge; it serves as a clear call to action for the fire and security door industry at large to embrace substantial sustainability efforts earnestly.

Through its commitment to transparency, Sentry Doors is not just enhancing its brand reputation but is also laying the groundwork for a more trustworthy industry.

If you think the Anti-Greenwash Charter embodies the values of your organisation, find out more here.