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In establishing the Anti-Greenwash Charter, we wanted to make sure that it wasn’t about ticking a box. To guarantee it wasn’t possible to simply sign-up and share your ‘good deed’ with the world. That would have been the absolute antithesis of what the Anti-Greenwash Charter stands for.

To ensure that isn’t the case, we review all potential signatories, work with you to produce a Green Claims Policy that is reflective of your organisation’s position and then, throughout the year, carry out checks to verify that marketing actions are in line with your policy.

Initial Assessment

Your initial assessment fee and annual signatory licence fee is your contribution to keeping the Charter as an independent, unbiased, credible organisation that adds value to your organisation.

We undertake the initial assessment to ensure that your organisation satisfies the criteria for becoming a certified signatory.

Signatory License

Certified signatories purchase a 12-month license fee that enables us to co-create your Green Claims Policy and then independently verify the proper implementation of their Green Claims Policy, by conducting an annual review of their campaigns and practices.

The fee is determined by an organisation’s annual revenue so that there are no barriers to participation:

What other services are available?

Through the Anti-Greenwash Charter, we can provide adoption sessions for your wider sales and marketing teams, to ensure that everyone is clear on your new Green Claims Policy. If you are interested in this, please contact us here.

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