Futureproof and The Anti-Greenwash Charter Unite Against Greenwashing.

Date: May 2024
Read time: 3 mins
Author: Charlie Martin

Futureproof, a leading sustainability platform, has recently announced a partnership with the Charter. This collaboration marks a significant step in the battle against greenwashing, as both organisations are drive home the message that sustainability claims need to be well evidenced and accurate.

A Partnership Rooted in Transparency

James Skirrow, Head of Customer Sustainability at Futureproof, shared the moment that solidified their support for the Charter. “TAGC’s approach to transparency is what really drove it home for us,” Skirrow explains.

“In such a scrutinised area of comms, we want to partner with a company that can hold companies to account in their messaging – and very clearly guide them through the process.”

Defining Authentic Sustainability

Futureproof’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond surface-level engagements, with Skirrow adding:

“At Futureproof, we define authentic sustainability as an integral practice that permeates every aspect of our operations,”

This approach emphasises continuous improvement and innovation across Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) dimensions. Their collaboration with the Charter reinforces this by setting rigorous standards that ensure company environmental claims are supported by tangible actions and measurable outcomes.

A Synergistic Approach

The synergy between Futureproof and the Charter is clear, as both organisations view companies as powerful catalysts for positive environmental change. By aligning with the Charter, Futureproof ensures that the strategic work done by companies in sustainability isn’t tainted by potentially misleading communications. This partnership helps companies steer clear of greenwashing by grounding their environmental claims in evidence and accountability, echoing Futureproof’s ethos.

Impact on Industry and Customer Engagement

Futureproof’s alignment with the Charter sends a strong message to the industry about the importance of authenticity in sustainability. Skirrow emphasizes the need for robust evidence to support sustainability claims, reflecting a proactive approach to avoiding greenwashing:

“Anyone with a keyboard has the ability to accuse you of greenwashing, so don’t worry about that, the important thing is backing up everything you say with clear, robust evidence.”

This partnership between Futureproof and The Anti-Greenwash Charter sets a new standard for authenticity in sustainability efforts. It not only supports companies in achieving their sustainability goals but also ensures that their efforts are communicated transparently and accurately. As this collaboration unfolds, it will undoubtedly inspire other organizations to prioritise genuine sustainability in their operations and communications, fostering a more honest and effective approach to environmental stewardship.

If you think The Anti-Greenwash Charter embodies the values of your organisation, find out more here.